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Perth is one of Australia's most consistently sunny cities, with an average of 3,211 hours of sunshine each year! With all that sunshine, it may seem difficult to get some quality time in between the hot sun and less favourable weather; that sweet spot where you have just enough light and warmth from the sun, yet are protected from sunburn and other risks. If you want to enjoy your back yard, pool area or patio more often in the summer months, there is a simple solution: a great purpose-designed umbrella. 

You're sure to find the perfect cantilever umbrella for your Perth property here at SHADOWSPEC; our select range covers all types and dimensions of outdoor spaces, from broad patio areas to windy open poolside areas. They're a great alternative to traditional awnings, as they can be fitted away from the house - perfect for further reaching parts of your garden or pool. Each has its own unique benefits as a sun shade; the SU8 is virtually wind proof, the SU7 can be rotated to cover different areas within its reach, the SU5 provides a classic umbrella look with much more durability, and the SU3 is great for taking up less space on the ground. The SU6, the flagship model in our range, is the most popular sun shade amongst our Perth clients, with the ability to have up to four umbrellas on a single mast. 

To order over the phone, or to find out the location of your nearest SHADOWSPEC agent or umbrella display in Perth, call 1800 144 155 now or if you prefer, email us on info@shadowspec.com.au.


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