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Versatile pool umbrellas.
Choose from tilting offset, multi-canopy and rotating cantilever umbrellas.

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Tilting Offset Umbrella
Simple shade with clever capabilities.
Made from marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel, it’s simple to operate and the umbrella rotates 360° so the shade moves with you.

Shadowspec Serenity™
The Shadowspec Serenity™ has been engineered with premium-grade aluminium and stainless steel to provide you with an outdoor umbrella that stands up and stands out. Using calculated geometry and expert engineering the sliding mechanism works in complete harmony to open or close your umbrella in 3 seconds. This cantilever has a durable, heavy-duty mast which rotates 360°. The combination of the rotation and easy-lift enables means you can move the umbrella from poolside loungers to covering the pool in no time at all - move the shade with you. 

Shadowspec Unity™
The patented ShadowGlide™ system allows you to open or close the Unity™ in 3 seconds, and the highly strengthened, the reinforced mast has a modular design to allow the mounting of up to 4 canopies, giving you the ability to maximise coverage and the flexibility to create shade where you need it. The Unity also rotates so you can take the shade with you.

Wall Mounted Umbrella - Versatile shade for unique spaces.
Adaptable, modest and convenient, the wall-mounted SU3 model can fit perfectly into compact areas where there might not be room for a central pole or umbrella base such as over a spa pool or swimming pool. The telescopic arm reaches from 1.40m out to 1.80m and the umbrella can swing horizontally and tilt 18°.


Umbrellas for all pools.

Get creative with your pool shade. Spa pools, lap pools, lagoons and infinity pools all benefit from an umbrella. Why an umbrella over the other options? Flexibility & customisation!


Our pool shade umbrellas are engineered to protect you from the elements. Shadowspec umbrellas are ideal pool shades as they are made with marine-grade fabric that is water-resistant and able to filter almost 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. That’s great news for those who love to be outdoors because you can stay outside during the hottest part of the day without worrying about the sun damaging your skin. 


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