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The Shadowspec brand has become the trusted provider of superior products and first-class support. 

With over 25 years of experience, we’ve learned there are three things our customers seek in an outdoor umbrella: ease of use, a fine design and resistance to whatever element nature has in store. Our ability to fuse these needs into one product makes our range of outdoor umbrellas unparalleled to the rest.

Shadowspec brings family and friends together by providing an unparalleled customer experience through innovative, premium quality products, and providing bespoke solutions for your specific shade requirements.

Meet the team


Jonathan Blampied

Shade Consultant

Jonathan's role involves leading an energetic team. Having been involved in the shade industry since he left school, he has built up considerable knowledge of all sectors that our company operates in including corporates, small-medium businesses and end-users.


Craig Maden

Shade Consultant

Craig is our cheerful, humorous valued expert on all things Umbrellas and is quick to handle enquiries day or night. When not at work, he’s likely to be visiting offspring scattered across the globe and enjoying the local fare…(think Scotland…haggis…distilleries etc).


Thomas Landrigan

Shade Consultant

Thomas has recently joined our team offering premium shade solutions around the globe. Since he started he has been incredibly busy handling sales enquiries and we haven't wanted to interrupt him for a blurb. We do know he's a fan of cricket. Maybe he'll see this...


Mitchell Whitehouse

Business Development

Mitchell is passionate about helping venues enhance guest experience, visual appeal and cutting repeat-replacement cost with premium shade solutions. He works with managers of Lodges, Country/Golf Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts to increase their bottom line with the strategic use of shade.


Chris Cashmore

Key Accounts Manager

Chris works with our many re-sellers and dealers throughout New Zealand and Australia. If you ever find he’s out of coverage, just leave him a message and ask how the fishing went. He loves bringing family and friends together with shade, and hopes to one day write a book titled The Easy Guide to Installing Umbrellas.


Jackson Bill

Key Accounts Manager

Jackson works with our many re-sellers and dealers throughout New Zealand and Australia. He has experience in Operations so knows an umbrella system inside-out. When not at work he loves spending time at the beach surfing and spending time with family & friends (he also gets enjoyment out of mowing the lawn).


Shawnee Hill-Henry

Client Support Specialist

Shawnee is quite new to our team, however, she's had experience in customer service for 5+ years. You can count on her to assist with your queries as our client support specialist. When Shawnee is not working you can catch her spending time at the beach with her dog and eating fresh seafood straight from the ocean.

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