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Outdoor living is part of the quintessential Australian lifestyle. Your outdoor space is no doubt a place where you enjoy spending time with family and friends. Battling with elements like heat, the sun's harmful UV rays rain can ruin the occasion so you need protection from the sun. It’s better to be prepared so make sure your home is geared up for all seasons with Australia’s best outdoor umbrella.

Try our Umbrella Selector below which after a quick quiz will narrow down a wide range of umbrellas to suit your needs based on configuration, area to shade and style. We also have a Catalogue download further down the page which is full of ideas for you to get started on your (or your clients) shade project. We have a wide range of outdoor umbrellas to suit your outdoor furniture.




'one easy sliding movement'

For ease of use Shadowspec Serenity™ and Shadowspec Unity™ do not have any internal cables, moving parts or winding crank systems and can be erected and collapsed in 'one easy sliding movement'. Shadowlock™ is a functional solution to wind-protection and 360 degree umbrella rotation.

Want to improve your outdoor dining experience and add style to your space and furniture setting?

6 uses for outdoor umbrellas

  • Backyard umbrellas for patios and decks - alfresco dining, it’s part of the Australian lifestyle. Add large outdoor umbrellas to your space for extended outdoor living: the perfect  outdoor lounge setting.

  • Umbrellas in cafes and restaurants - create a memorable dining experience for your patrons and increase your bottom line. Unlock your outdoor potential and find out how much money can you save with our hospitality ROI calculator.

  • Shade for spa or swimming pools - Tilted offset umbrellas offer simple shade with clever capabilities as they rotate 360°. Wall-mounted umbrellas offer versatile shade for unique spaces such as the spa pool area or balcony.
  • Night-time ambience - by adding lights to your umbrella, you can create a wonderful outdoor living space for night-time use. Shadowspec Unity™ and Shadowspec Serenity™ models are equipped with LED lights.

  • Relax in your garden or outdoor space - take time out and relax under a garden umbrella. Take time out whilst protecting you from the elements. Shadowspec umbrellas protect you from UV rays, sun and rain.

  • For your seaside home or holiday shack - Shadowspec umbrellas are constructed from marine-grade non-corrosive materials including stainless steel and solid-mould aluminium.

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