SU6 - Multi Mast Cantilever Umbrella

  • SU6 - Outdoor Umbrellas
  • SU6 - Outdoor Umbrellas
  • SU6 - Outdoor Umbrellas

SU6 - Multiple Umbrella Canopies on One Mast!

With the ability to mount up to 4 umbrellas on one mast, this brilliant umbrella system is a world leader and in a class of its own.

Thanks to modern gas-strut technology each umbrella can be opened and closed individually with ease.

No ropes & pulleys. No winding crank systems. Just one easy sliding movement.

Browse the full details below and if you want to see the SU6 Multi Mast Umbrella in action, watch our short video. 


Key Features - SU6

The main unique feature of the SU6 is its ability to mount up to four individual umbrellas off one mast.

Other key features are illustrated below and include the following:

  • Manufactured from marine-grade Powder-coated Aluminium, stainless Steel and other non-corrosive materials
  • Patented 'One-movement' Sliding system for opening and closing the Umbrella
  • Option of Octagon or Square Umbrellas
  • Provides cover for up to 38 m2
  • Utilises Gas-strut technology for ease of deployment
  • Extended warranty


Heavy duty reinforced Aluminium mast mounts up to four umbrellas at one time

Compensates the weight of the umbrella during the raising and lowering process making the umbrella ultra light to handle.

For locations close to the sea we recommend a stainless steel Gas Strut option.

QUICK-RELEASE Sliding System 
This patented 'One-movement' Sliding system enables the SU6 Umbrella to be opened and closed easily in one single movement. 

To learn more view our Product Videos!

The tough aluminium hub is the heart of our SU6/SU7 umbrellas. 

Fully design engineered, complete with neoprene washers, brass bushes and S/S hardware, the construction of this hub is just an example of the attention given to every design detail to ensure the durability and quality of the SU6/SU7 umbrella is unsurpassed.

Product Video - SU6

The following video showcases how the SU6 Umbrella operates along with some of its other unique features.

Click on the video to watch the SU6 in action...

Umbrella Size & Configuration - SU6

The SU6 is available in three standard sizes:

- 2.50m SQUARE

- 3.00m SQUARE

- 3.50m Diameter OCTAGON

One of the premium features of the SU6 Cantilever Umbrella is its Heavy duty Multi-mount mast which enables it to have up to 4 individual umbrellas mounted on the same mast.

Each umbrella is seperately operatable allowing great flexibility regarding exactly what size area you need to provide shade for.

This also means that 1-2 Umbrellas can be purchased for a start with more added over time or you can purchase all four umbrellas at once.

Shown below are the various configurations that are possible:

Wind Tunnel Testing - SU6 Multi Mast Umbrellas

How do they perform in the wind?

The SU6 Umbrella has been professionally wind tunnel tested to 40km/h and is certified accordingly.

Umbrella Canopy Fabric - SU6

The SU6 Umbrella Canopy is manufactured from Premium DICKSON Acrylic fabric.

This high quality shade fabric is 100% solution dyed and carries a 5 year warranty.

  • Weight : 290 g/m2
  • Colourfastness: 7-8/8
  • Waterproof rating: >300mm water column
  • Maintenance: All fabrics can be washed and replaced



The Skin Cancer foundation recommends Dickson Acrylic as a part of your complete sun protection regime, including regular use of sunscreen.

This label certifies that the fabrics do not contain any toxic substances and do not present any health, skin or environmental hazards (OEKOTEX 100)

Canopy Colours - SU6

The SU6 Umbrella is available in thirteen popular colours.

You can view these colours by clicking on the thumbnail opposite.

To download a colour swatch Click Here!

(A large range of Custom colours are also available on request)

Shade Rating: UPF 50+

Click to enlarge

Today everyone is preoccupied by the need to protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays. This protection also contributes to our comfort and promotes good health.

All Shadowspec SU6 standard colours filter almost 100% of the UV rays except the colours Arctic White and White Sand which filter 95% of the UV rays.

Installation Fixings - SU6

The SU6 Multi-mast Cantilever Umbrella has three fixing options:

  • In-Ground Anchor Requires a concrete footing
  • Surface Plate - Ideal for wooden decks and existing concrete surfaces 
  • Wall Clamps - For fastening the umbrella against an existing wall, limited to SU6 Square Uno & Duo configurations only

For more information on SU6 Installation Fixings...


Accessories - SU6


Protection Cover

The Protection cover protects the umbrella from the weather when not in use. It is provided with the umbrella at no extra charge and will assist in ensuring that the umbrella is always looking clean and smart.

The SU6 Multi-mast Cantilever Umbrella has a number of optional accessories which include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Raingutters - to connect adjoining square Umbrellas in view of increasing the weatherproof area. These can be easily attached and/or removed at any time.

For more information on SU6 Accessories...DOWNLOAD A CATALOGUE

Warranties - SU6

Are you concerned about quality?

Customer assurance and satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

Every SHADOWSPEC Outdoor Umbrella comes with an extensive warranty for customer assurance purposes.

The SU6 Umbrella carries a canopy warranty of 5 years*  

*Conditions apply