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Our Shadowspec range of shade umbrellas has you covered

If you want to keep your family safe and cool during hot and sunny summer months, then our team at Shadowspec can easily help you out. Buy yourself a high-quality sun shade Adelaide families trust to keep them sheltered from harmful ultraviolet rays from Shadowspec and we’ll deliver it right to your door! Our range of outdoor umbrellas provide reliable protection from the sun and give you a cool space to relax in, even when South Australia is seeing some of its most sweltering weather.

We also offer cantilever umbrellas for Adelaide residents who want added flexibility for their shade when they’re relaxing outside. Features include the ability to rotate on a full 360 degree axis, and their cantilevered design allows for easy installation anywhere you need shade. If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming area on your property, our range of pool umbrellas will suit your shade needs perfectly – they provide a great shaded area to re-apply sunscreen and relax in the heat of the day.

Our patio umbrellas are perfect for entertaining visitors to your home: there are few more relaxing ideas than having a few drinks under a sun shade on the deck. All of our shade umbrellas are safety tested, carry extensive warranties and available in an extensive range of colours. Whether you’re using one of our pool umbrellas to towel off, reading a book under one of the many Shadowspec outdoor umbrellas on offer or using our cantilever umbrellas to provide yourself with versatile shade, you can be sure that our products will keep you sun safe.

Apart from Adelaide and the wide South Australia region, we also sell and deliver our shade umbrellas anywhere in Australia. Our outdoor umbrellas are constructed from only the most high-quality materials, so they’ll suit the climate conditions of any state in the country.

For any questions or to confirm an order, just call 1800 144 155 to speak to a SHADOWSPEC expert. Alternatively, you can ask for the location of your closest SHADOWSPEC agent or Adelaide umbrella display and view the great range in person! If you prefer email then contact us on info@shadowspec.com.au and we will respond to your enquiry promptly.


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